If feel like, you can drop me an email, the address is below. If you want 100% guarantee that the antispam won’t chew it up, place “[NOTSPAM]” without quotes somewhere in the subject.

But before you write me an email, please make sure to have a look at this checklist:

  • I’m not your personal FREE tech support! If you have a question about a blog post, the comments section is the best place. Don’t be shy. If akismet antispam chewed up your comment, then just let me know. I don’t check it very regularly.
  • We all have daily jobs and lives to live, If I don’t answer just deal with it. I may well far out of any network coverage.
  • For over ten years I had a strict policy of NOT having ads on this site. I hate ads. Just don’t bother. I’m looking for ways to make this blog pay off electricity bills, but those definitely won’t be ads.