11 comments on “RTL-SDR & Static protection.

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  3. I haven’t opened up my RTL from DealExtreme to check the diode presence, but I use an electrically shorted antenna which doesn’t let static build up across hot/cold terminals.

    Isn’t it so?

    Well, there’s static build-up against Earth, but that can burn the computer too.

  4. I have the same dongle, thanks for the tip.
    I can’t receive a whole range of frequencies, specifically around the 800-1200mhz range. This means I can’t use it for ADS-B.
    Do you get those frequencies on yours?

  5. @Gerrit: There’s a gap at about that frequences, and that AFAIK depends on the tuner. I haven’t tried those freqs myself. Not till I get the static protection and hook a better antenna.

  6. @Paolo IK1ZYW: Well, I guess popping it in wouldn’t hurt anyway.

  7. Thanks for the tip, I’ve fried one dongle already. Just got ten from Deal Extreme none have protection diodes.

  8. Hi! I’m new at this SMD things, but how to solder the BAV99 without damage the other components?

    Best regards,

  9. Hi! could you please let us (newbies) how to properly solder the ESD protection? a youtube video would be great 😉

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