Where’s my Base Station, Dude?

I was really frustrated by the wimax signal quality, so I was off making a good wimax antennae. A ended up using a biquad antennae, tuned for WiMax, but… I was a bit too lazy to position the antennae myself. So I took an ATTiny2313, ULN2003A and a stepper motor I salvaged from an old flatbed scanner.
The result is best viewed in the video after the break.

The sources of the whole thing will be up here in couple of days. While now the hardware part is fully finished, while the software part still lacks some bits and pieces: the wi-ctl utility, that allows to move antennae is ready and around, as well as the calibration script, but the whole scan&analyse part is yet to be developed, once I’m through my deadline at work.

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