I urgently needed a small device, to produce me a number of fixed voltages (mostly below 3.3 volts). I was a bit too lazy to do the step-down, so I resorted to lowdrops. You know, the guy who borrowed my L-meter for a ‘week or so’ still didn’t return that, and I do not feel myself comfortable winding inductance for 38063 with no measurements.

So, it’s dumb. I took a bunch AMS1117 (adjustables, fixed 3.3 and fixed 2.5), a bucnch of SMD resistors, and a LED. For calculation of resistor value any LM317 calc does the job fine.The LED has a 470 Оhm resistor.
I didn’t have any variable resistors, so I didn’t put any here.

The circuit is somewhat like that:
I was a bit in a hurry to fill in resistor values.

Here goes the 3d PCB model:

And the resulting device:

I added a power cord and a sticker with voltages.

And here goes the kicad project: lowdropper.tar.gz

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