Creating .libs for kicad/eeschema semiautomatically

Well, everyone has to eventually make one. Since we have a cool online utility from C. Rohrbacher This is quite simple. Just fill in all the pins, orient them and you are ready to go…
But if there are over 200 pins,this is getting tiresome. When I was making a lib for at91rm9200 I got tired at 30th pin. And there are 208 of them and it’s quite easy to screw up… So I got a nice idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t find C. Rohrbacher’s email on his site, as well as I saw no sources of the utility. So, it was time for a hackish solution.

We’ll need:

bash (Oh, yeah!)
okular (Any other PDF viewr thatcan select text will do)

Step one.
Open the datasheet, find the pin list, select the pins:

Step two.
Copypaste them into a blank file. They should be strictly ordered

Step three
Now a little black magic. Save the following bash script somewhere:

xdotool type "$1"
xdotool key Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
  echo "Usage: fill-pins filename"
echo "Starting in 5 seconds..."
sleep 5
cat $1|while read line; do
  write_pin "$line"

chmod+x, And give it the file with pins you’ve madeearlier. You have 5 seconds to open the browser on page withpins and select PIN1.
The script will do everything by itself. Just relax – it looks pretty funny

And by the way, kill all instances of skype, icq, kopete, irc – these things tend to steal focus from the browser and screw thing up.

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