Proper buspirate & uISP SPI flash adapters


It took me a very looong time get my lazy ass down to making this simple yet so needed thing. Every damned time I had to upgrade a router or unbrick something with SPI flash I told myself: time to get it done. Well, that time has finally come, besides I really wanted to try out that nice art on copper. (Azura from TES, but with a drill bit and a wrench. Awesome work of Vemarish)

And using that poor excuse for the spi flash adapters you see on the pic below was kind of annoying as hell.


I ordered those huge SO16 and SO8 adapters from aliexpress and threw up a board to hold these with a 2×5 2.54 connector that can be used with uISP and buspirate. Buspirate is damn slow, even with 6.2 firmware it still takes about 4 minutes to read a 2MiB SPI flash, so I’m now working on implementing serprog in uISP. Hopefully that will be a little bit faster.

Now, the tasty stuff: As usual, you can grab these designs on my github account, along with ‘azura’ logo which is now a kicad symbol. Moar pics of this stuff here

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