LineageOS + Magisk adventures

I use LineageOS and Magisk root (A magic tool that help Android Pay and root access coexist). With Lineage you can receive updates every week on monday (for my Oneplus 5T) and so far they’ve been really stable. All was good until the last update of may bricked my cellphone. As it turned out Lineage build was perfectly fine, the bug was with Magisk (Once I removed it and flashed the update – everything worked, except for Magisk). In this blog post I’ll tell about Magisk’s epic fail, and will provide a link to fixed Magisk version that doesn’t turn your phone into a pumpkin brick.


An attiny2313 usb2gpio adapter FAIL

They say on they’re running out of fails for their weekly fail series. So I decided to help them out a little bit 😉
Anyway, a few weeks ago I needed a few usb-to-gpio modules to drive switch some basic stuff on and off from an MK802 dongle. Usually I take an attiny2313 and etch a board for this purpose, but this time I was short on free time to do it myself.
The schematics are well-tested a long time ago. vusb powered firmware based on antares and lunartool applet for the host side are also ready and fully debugged. What could possibly go wrong in such a damn simple project?

However this time boards (already tested multiple times when etched at home) were a failure. Mostly because I was in a terrible hurry to reroute them, replace 2.54 pins with screw terminals, add mounting holes and send them to the fab…