Toner Trasfer: Double the sides, double the fun

Next test of my new PCB toner transfer technique. After getting the hardware ready and getting first awesome results I decided to make an ultimate test. I wondered if I can make toner stick to something that it didn’t want to before. I had a small sheet of copper clad board that is (no joking) older than me.I really don’t know the exact year when it was fabricated, but if I would have to make a wild guess – that would be 1980s at the very least. I got it from my grandfather ages ago.

That looked like a good test subject. Mostly because no matter how hard I tried – I could never make the toner stick to it a few years ago. So it was lying in a corner as the years passed by for a very long time, waiting for the time to come.  Even more difficulties – the board will be double sided.

IMG_20140118_153807 (more…)