Rolling out my own bench power supply.

I was moving old stuff around, when I found an ancient artefact of the times long gone: A Soviet 15W ТПП-245-127/220-50 transformer (Back from year 1979 or so. Yeah, it’s way older than me, lol). Being somewhat a fan of old soviet stuff I decided to throw up a bench power supply based on that one.
So, the whole thing has a very simple circuit. A diode rectifier, 4700uF capacitor and 3 GS6300 stepdown ICs providing 3 separate channels. I also popped some 1.8A recovery fuses, so if I screw up and make a short circuit, I’ll just have to wait a little, till it goes on again. The ICs can handle up to 3A of current, but I thought that would be a little to much for this kind of bench supply.