rf24boot v0.2 released!


It was a busy month, but I finally managed to find a minute and update the rf24boot. Yes, the very thing that can push firmware updates via nRF24L01 wireless modules. Along is a regular bunch of updates to rf24 library in antares. One of the big news I finally took some 20 minutes and layed out a proper programming dongle. Since I didn’t have a cheap stm32 with usb around, and stm32f103ret6 looked like an overkill for this purpose this dongle still uses avr, vusb, but has a 16M (20M is possible as well) crystal. The lengthy changelog’s under the cut, but it’s big.


proof-of-concept: driving 13 servos with attiny2313 over usb

Heh, that proved to be a nice rant on an arduino-lover that complained something about the inability on mega1280 to drive enough servos for his app (usb controlled pan and tilt for a few cams).
I picked an uC that has nor the hardware output-compare channels to drive all 13 servos, nor any hardware usb (attiny2313), threw up a small board and after a few dozen lines of code, here we go:
Attiny2313 driving 13 servos with 16-bit pwm over the usb with little to no external components. I also fitted in an option to set each output to Z-state from the commandline effectively relaxing a servo.