4 comments on “Yet another router upgrade

  1. Just connect serial port dongle and see what’s happening. You’ve unlikely bricked the thing completely.

  2. Greetings!
    I saw your video and loved it very much!!!
    May I ask if it’s necessary to use a eprom controller when soldering a new 16 MB chip? (On the video you used a buspirate v3.8 and with flashrom confirmed it was a MX25L12805. Nothing further. Afterwards you soldered the new flash on the board and with the serial interface and tftp you flashed u-boot. Am I correct?
    If it is indeed mandatory to use the buspirate, do you think this one from ebay will do the job?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Yes, it is. You need to flash u-boot and ‘art’ partitions from the old one. Without the bootloader you’ll end up with a brick. Without Atheros Radio Test data you’ll have no wireless. I only flashed boot since flashing via bus pirate takes a loooong time.
    Regarding programmer – have a look at flashrom’s wiki. There’s a list of hardware they support there. For now I use my uISP with a dedicated adaptor.

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