Antares 0.2-rc1 released!

That’s it! It’s out. After two years of slow and steady development in my free time. Antares is a free and open source (GPLv2) buildsystem bundled with library code, aimed at bare metal targets. Sounds scary? Well, consider this an arduino for kernel hackers. If you are one – you have all the regular tools here: kconfig, GNU/Make, and no need to write Makefiles from scratch or collect sparse instructions over the web – just bootstrap a project, adjust the config to your needs and go!
0.2-rc1 is the first release that can be considered (more or less) stable for every day use. To find more about what it is and how it works – check out the README in Russian or English



  • Linux kernel-like buildsystem, that can be easily used within any project.
  • Written in GNU/Make around kconfig, (using kconfig-frontends), inspired by Linux kernel’s kbuild.
  • Library code and buildsystem scripts are kept separately from your projects, leaving the absolute minimum. Just your code and a few single-line makefiles
  • Ready to use examples for most architectures! use any of them as a start!

Host OS support:

  • GNU/Linux;
  • *BSD;
  • Mac OS X (needs GNU evironment – gmake, bash, gecho, etc.. ).

Compiler support:

  • gcc;
  • sdcc.

Initial clang support is planned in 0.2-rc2.

Supported target architectures:

Experimental support for pic32 is available in a separate branch, and should be merged in trunk either by 0.2-rc2 or 0.2-rc3.

Ships a variety of ready-to-use libraries adapted to be configured fully with kconfig:

Other features:

The project needs whatever help it can get. Mostly: testing on different hardware and environments, patches, library code and documentation for it.

Special thanks fly out drakmail for helping out with Mac OS X support

Getting started: RUS | ENG

get it now on GitHub

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