Chinese InfoTM X220 based tablet.

So, I finally got that one. Took 22 days for it to get here.
I remember the bunch of bugs SmartQ7 came along with, so I got myself morally prepared for several days of making different things work.
Surprisingly – that wasn’t really needed.

The touchscreen is resistive, but quite usable, nevertheless. No noticeable jitter, as smq7 had, and I don’t miss the on-screen-keyboard keys.
GPS is also around and works fine. On a 10′ screen it’s just awesome. The exteral antenna that came along with it is quite useful, if you want to use that in the car.
SD and HD videos play fine, with builtin CCPlayer.This thing with a drugged pacman in headphones as an icon comes only in chinese, but does the job pretty well – luckily not much to translate there.
3D games work, and run quite fast, even though a resolution of 1024×600 is a bit too much for a 256m memory the device has.
Accelerometer is also around, and even works as expected. aTilt3D works fine.
Camera – just a plain webcam, not much to say about that. Works. That’s all. You don’t expect a 5 megapixel thing in there, are you?
Microphone could be a bit more sensitive, but also bearable.
The loudsoeakers a a bit too quiet, although there might be a software fix to that problem.
USB made me more than glad. Both ports really work as 2.0, read and write really fast and supply enough current to spin an external HDD. Well, two of them, actually in my test copying an ubuntu iso from one to another. USB flash drives and HDDs mount automatically, if the FS is fat. All other filesystems are just ignored.
And now the bad stuff.
wowHome. A shitty app, that replaces standart homescreen. Slow as hell and buggy. Eve if u select Launcher Pro as the default homescreen it will still pop out. Looks like it uses 2d to render 3d effects. It uses about 40 megs ram and is… just crap.
Live wallpapersJust don’t work as expected i they use 3d. Not a big loss anyway.
Skype fails on outgoing and ingoing calls.

And now let’s make the device work faster.
First we’ll need Universal AndRoot to root the device and move/rename wowHome.apk. that turns off that crap and boosts device performance. LauncherPro works flawlessly.
Btw, that also turned on a nice wallpaper of some 3d-art girl. Developers dream?

The resulting system is now just about as fast as on my Motorola milestone.
The only thing remaining is to install a bunch of apps and you’re done.

Watching a 40-minute episode of Frnge from external HDD drained the battery from 100 to 60% using max backlight. So I guess it’s ok.
Wifi reception is good, signal is stable. Even a little better then of my Motorola Milestone.
Looks like they didn’t manage to do the power management part properly – so there’s a switch on the side. Leave it on – and it will drain battery a bit faster.
Ethernet works fine, no problems with that.

the other bad parts are a beeping on the max backlight screen and crappy loudspeakers. The amp inside really need some more caps on Vcc pin.

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