OpenWRT for unbranded-3gn(RT3050F) router (With USB!)

Okay. As promissed, usb support arrived. Thanks to Layne Edwards for his dwc_otg patches – everything now works.
Since I have this hardware and I use it, I will be updating a page with firmware builds.
So, meet the first version of it and grab on the ….

Release notes:


  • comgt for 3g modems is built-in
  • USB host and dwc_otg are compiled in kernel, therefore additional usb kmod packages have to be installed with –force-depends
  • Adjusted mtd partition sizes


Known issues: 

Since usb support is compiled-in additional usb kmod packages should be installed with –force-depends



This router support is now added to OpenWRT trunk under the name of wr512-3gn. Please use the OpenWRT snapshots or compile from source yourself. Beware, that I haven’t tested the if the update via web interface works or not. If it doesn’t, you have to solder in the UART.

16 thoughts on “OpenWRT for unbranded-3gn(RT3050F) router (With USB!)

  1. This router support is now added to OpenWRT trunk under the name of wr512-3gn. Please use the OpenWRT snapshots or compile from source yourself. Beware, that I haven’t tested the if the update via web interface works or not. If it doesn’t, you have to solder in the UART. Detailed instructions will be posted later this week.

  2. I received finally this router from DX, and tried to flash it custom made flash and with flash which you have made, but firmware upgrade from web interface (Admin->Firmware->Upgrade) doesn’t work. I think that firmware will be uploaded to router, but flashing will fail, so there may be some checksum calculations or similar which doesn’t recognise openwrt as valid firmware.

    1. Web upgrade doesn’t work – not tested. I trashed the original firmware and didn’t even take care to make a backup.
      To reflash you have to use TFTP, solder in UART and use uboot prompt.

  3. I did test to upgrade via web, didn’t work. It won’t even work from OpenWRT web interface, so you need to use UART route as for now.

  4. Dear Necromant:
    I have upgraded the Ram to be 64M,and upgraded the u-boot from an 16M(Flash)x64M(RAM) another same serial product from china.
    Now on the Boot time,the Ram can be find with 64M,But if I flash the image,on the boot time it will show the MTD_layout VFS not mount err, I don’t know how to do..

    Best regards.

    1. u-boot must give you the wrong mtd layout. Look for u-boot sources and recompile. Until then – try with regular u-boot passing mem=64mb to the kernel. might work.

  5. Necromant,

    do you have a recommended openwrt release/trunk version for compiling the wr512-3gn image ?

    I’m having difficulties locating the wr512-3gn in the menuconfig router tree 🙁
    I’ve seen the router listed in other openwrt related files, but it’s not listed in the menuconfig.

    Or would you care to share your images with us ?


    1. It doesn’t get listed in menuconfig in trunk, since images all possible images get compiled in a batch. Just compile and inspect output/

  6. Yeah,

    so I noticed (eventually, had compilation issues using latest binutils, 21.1 worked a lot better) 🙂

    Thnx for a quick answer.

    Now it’s just a matter of removing enough packages to be able to fit the image into the flash chip limit 😉

  7. Dear all,

    I have found the same board here in France, and tried to upgrade it using the WEB interface, but this doesn’t work … You told about using the UART and TFTP to upgrade the new firmware : could you maybe explain the process of such an upgrade, or maybe paste links explaining the process ?

    Many thanks in advance,
    Best regards,

  8. Прошу прощения за вопрос. Вроде так и не ответил никто.

    Тот же 3g – роутер. С DX.
    Интересует проброс udproxy. В стандартной прошивке ессно нет. Копал openwrt, вышел на Вас. Итак, собственно, вопрос – так есть ли возможность заливать в него прошивку через web интерфейс?

    Порт паять для меня весьма большая проблема. Хотелось бы обойтись “малой кровью”.

    1. Не проверял, снес официальную прошу раньше.

  9. hey dude.
    i seem to land up in a huge problem. i did try to compile the openwrt from WL-330N3G is supported since: R31450 and then suddenly looks like i lost my brain and common sense and thinking and everyhing. and i landed up with a little bitchy goof up…. on friday night i compiled the source and i bricked up the device. long story short.
    ** svnned the source from openwrt. -> compiled openwrt from svn, everything went excellent -> suddenly i dont know what the hell happened i typed this command ” rsync -av source/openwrt-r31450/bin/ramips/openwrt-ramips-rt305x-wl-330n3g-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin asus/GPL_WL330N_source.1016/user/mkimage/test.bin && ./mkimage -A mips -C lzma -a 0x80000000 -e 0x80345000 -n WL-330N3G -d test.bin test.trx” -> and then i uploaded the image.**
    i then ended up with a usual brick since i bitched up the bootloader. i guess i goofed up with the conversion method for dir-300 b1, and i ended up with a brick. i tried to tftp and serial and everything. and i cannot revive it.
    *lesson learn’t assumption is the mother of all fuck up! and dont ask to ask but when i doubt ASK”.
    so now i am asking you for a favor. can i have the dump of the boot loader i mean the uboot bootloader dump if you can. else can there be a write up of how to recreate the uboot with what param? i will be in #openwrt in freenode coming saturday. if i can have the uboot bootloader dump then i can bring it back and also shows me how to jtag it and also my friend did solder the wires on the board, serial console and for jtag. now can i have the dump so i can jtag it up and revive it? atleast revert back to default distro and then start with openwrt i assume. 😀
    thanks in advance. and sorry for this long post bragging about my retardism and over confidence. 🙂

  10. Получил еще один похожий роутер. Как ни странно прошивка “наша”. Хотя роутер с доп лан портами. openwrt под него тоже есть..!
    опенврт под него тоже есть… но тоже с пайкой. эхх. Придется взяться. Кстати насколько сложно будет откатиться?

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