OpenWRT for unbranded-3gn(RT3050F) router (With USB!)

Okay. As promissed, usb support arrived. Thanks to Layne Edwards for his dwc_otg patches – everything now works.
Since I have this hardware and I use it, I will be updating a page with firmware builds.
So, meet the first version of it and grab on the ….

Release notes:


  • comgt for 3g modems is built-in
  • USB host and dwc_otg are compiled in kernel, therefore additional usb kmod packages have to be installed with –force-depends
  • Adjusted mtd partition sizes


Known issues: 

Since usb support is compiled-in additional usb kmod packages should be installed with –force-depends



This router support is now added to OpenWRT trunk under the name of wr512-3gn. Please use the OpenWRT snapshots or compile from source yourself. Beware, that I haven’t tested the if the update via web interface works or not. If it doesn’t, you have to solder in the UART.