WonderMedia WM8650: Adding an uart

Just received this thingie. I was attracted by the price, avaliability of kernel sources and the fact I really needed an embedded PC for my needs. Once I got it, the dongle with usb and ethernet caught my attention so I disassembled it. And… what do I see?

USB power misses electrolytic caps, and… Yep, no need to open up the tablet this time. The UART is here. A bit of work and the renewed dongle is ready.

PS. I really should pop in some caps once I get to the lab…

3 thoughts on “WonderMedia WM8650: Adding an uart

  1. Hi, Nice post I went via the same find…
    where you able to work with the UART,
    I think its 3.3V level not RS so you will need to have a converter connected, no ?
    also I understand the UART is connected to the linux consol, do you know how to redirect that to an application on the tablet ?
    this issue is driving me crazy any help is appreciated …


    1. Yep, 3.3 volts. I have the TTL dongles around so I don’t use max232 or whatsoever in there.
      to disable – remove console=/dev/ttyS?? or whatsoever from kernel cmdline in uboot and use it.

  2. Hello, I manage to solder a connector, I’ve got the shell interface working but How can I use it in apps? How do you edit the uboot options? thank you!

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