Using android TTS engine remotely

Strangely enough, there appeared some good TTS engines for android that don’t make me go nuts . So, instead of building qemu to run my favorite cepstral synth using x86->arm translation, I decided to move on to a different software. Besides, it supports Russian, so I decided to give it a try.
Time to recall programming in java. Damn, I hate java =), last time I coded something in it was some crappy j2me app 4 years ago. Not much changed.
After a wasted evening here goes a small util: NetTTS.

It’s damn really simple. It listens for connections on the port you tell it to use, reads text from there and queues it to get synthesises by your default void synth engine.
After having started the service – send it something like this:
echo "Привет, Нео. Матрица имеет тебя" | nc 4444
On windows – you can use telnet.
telnet 4444
Enter the text, press enter, enjoy.
Here goes the source:
Here go the binaries:

P.S. Russian synth language is hardwired at the moement. I’ll move it to the settings some time later.

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