Flying Bear P902: Adding a proper filament guide

One of the few things that was annoying about my new 3d-printer was the thing that it didn’t have a proper way to keep the wires away from XY carriages as well as any filament guides.  So, I fixed it. Twice!

First thing that I’ve done – I’ve added a nice and sturdy 7mm hose to the wires so that it will keep  them above the XY carriage. Always.

To attach the hose to the frame I printed a custom holder that could attached to the frame with stock bolts and hammer nuts.

My idea was that the filament should go right up the hose to the extruder. That didn’t work. The traction in the hose screwed everything up and I ended up with my extruder motor skipping steps even at higher current.

My second attempt was a set of two guides for the filament that I’ve attached in the very same way to the frame. That worked way better. Finally, I’ve also made my own filament spool holder, since 1 and 2 kg spools wouldn’t fit on the stock one.

As usual, you can grab these designs for free at thingiverse.


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