Analog CCTV camera mount

I decided to add a bunch of CCTV cameras to my 3d-printer. Apart from obvious reasons of remotely controlling the process (Just from your cellphone while you are running in the park in another city 😉 ), it also allows you to create awesome time-lapses of your prints.

Okay,  getting down to business. I fetched these old analog CCTV modules right from the attic:

And created a simple plastic mount, that allows you to mount the CCTV module to the stock 2020 V-slot aluminum profile (or to the wall via self-tapping screws).  I printed the thing with PLA and assembled using M3 bolts (tapping M3 threads is required if you use PLA).

At the back I added a few holes for cooling and easier CCTV module removal:

You can download this design at my thingiverse.

I will make a followup post with my video capture hardware setup later.

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