OnePlus 5T Dock with NFC

I recently got myself a OnePlus 5t cell phone. (Mostly because it’s fully supported by LineageOS which is IMO the best option you can get for your phone). Finally I got a few spare moments to design a nice 3-printed phone stand for it.

I used SolveSpace (as usual) to design it. Unlike most phone docks and stands that one could get back in the days when those were popular, this one is designed to fit the cellphone without removing it from the leather case.

The base is features a lead for the cable.

The base is also large enough so that you can open the leather case and the phone will not flip.

And the final touch – an NFC sticker. This way the phone will know that it’s docked.

As usual, you can grab the design at my thingiverse page and print it yourself.

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