android and dnsmasq: making a better dnsmasq wrapper

A few posts ago, I wrote about making android’s dnsmasq more usable by turning on local hostname resolution. Since I use my android phone as a pocket server, dnsmasq plays a vital role here.
However, one thing was bad – whenever I used usb tether connection to my PC, the whole dns thingie did not work. Why?

So, a little theory. When I enable the wifi ap mode, an interface called ap0 is brought up with a static ip
Whenever I turn on usb tethering, usb0 pops into the existence with ip
(On other mobile phones these settings can differ)
Fine, so when we resolve our pocket server from within the usb0 network, we want to get, and when via a wireless network –
I started by adding two distinct entries in /etc/hosts anomalia anomalia.portable git.anomalia p.anomalia anomalia anomalia.portable git.anomalia p.anomalia

Did it work? No! Why?