NetTTS 0.2 released!

Finally found a little bit of time, and here we go. NetTTS 0.2 release with most bugs I knew of fixed, maybe some new added.
For those who aren’t familiar – NetTTS is my app for android that allows you to use android’s TTS engines remotely with primitive tools like netcat or telnet around.

So, the changelog:

  • Authorisation via authtag. If authtag is not empty – the first line should be teh authorisation tag, and then the message
  • Save&restart now really restarts the server were it already running
  • Killing the server produces no more junk regarding ‘leaked service connection info’ to logcat
  • You can now switch languages in runtime just sending /setlang ru_RU or /setlang en_US commands (any other installed locale will do)
  • If the queue is jammed with over 9k messages you can now send /shutup to clear the mess, and do not wait for the speaking to finish
  • Packages name changed from org.necromant.nettts to org.ncrmnt.nettts ftgj!

Grab a copy at my github, sources are there as well.

WARNING: Authorisation sequence provides little to no sequrity and can only save you from a geeky smaller brother/sister, who wants to temper with your stuff. And not for long, since if they are really geeky, they’ll sooner or later find out, how tcpdump works. I don’t wat to add any full-blown auth mechanism, since it is not nesessary right now.

And as a last bonus – a full-blown example of usiang it via bash:


#Don't edit below
[ ! -z "$authtag" ] && authtaggy="${authtag}\n"
echo -e "${authtaggy}$*" | nc $server $port
#flushes the queue, synths anything following the command
echo -e "${authtaggy}/shutup $*" | nc $server $port
echo -e "${authtaggy}/setlang $1" | nc $server $port
#Sample usage
setlang "en_US"
say "Hello, dude! Should I arm the nuke, and call bears with balalaikas and vodka?"
say "You probably won't hear this phrase"
shutup "Okay, being silent for now."
setlang "ru_RU"
say "Привет, Исден!"


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