Another android app: FixNet

Okay. Android is not a perfect platform, but so far the best for me. Anyway, quite a few thingies are shitty. one is how dhcp hostname is handled. The default dhcp hostname is ‘android_’ + a huge device id. Not a big pain if you have a static mac address, and can therefore assign a readable hostname for the device on the home net.
However that was not the case for wired ethernet on my flytouch2 tablet that I’m turning into a standalone terminal. Due to teh fact that whoever made this was retarted enough the device was getting a random mac everytime it booted.
Just awesome. Just a nice anon’s tablet…
Anyway, I needed a way to fix that. The fast way was repack the ramdisk image and add some stuff to init.rc. I could fix the mac there, but still no way to fix the hostname, since it is set by java code after the init.rc.

So after thinking it over I resorted to writing another android app, that gets a BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast and applies the fixups to the configuration. You can grab it at my github page

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